About Us

About Celebbdays.com

Simply put Celebbdays.com is about bringing people together for a joyous online experience that happens to revolve around Famous Celebrity Birthdays. We want fans to contribute by commenting, adding their favorite celebrities, sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Positive Thinking And Simplicity

At Celebbdays we like to keep things simple yet engaging; giving us, our fans and followers the opportunity to evolve with us in a organic well meaning way. We want a positive atmosphere and we want to be a force in bringing blissfulness to humanity.

Our site is simple to use, we do strive for accuracy, however there will be times where our contributors get it wrong. We apologize in advance. We will do our best to grow Celebbdays and we thank you for your continued support and contribution.

Do your best in that do and thank you so much for visiting Celebbdays.com we appreciate you massively!