Dusty Rhodes

Professional Wrestler


Virgil Riley Runnels Jr. (October 11, 1945 – June 11, 2015 - (aged 69)), better known as \"The American Dream\" Dusty Rhodes, was an American professional wrestler and trainer who worked for WWE. He made occasional on-air appearances on WWE television and pay-per-views and worked as a backstage booker and producer in WWE\'s NXT developmental territory. Billed as \"the son of a plumber\", Rhodes did not have a typical wrestler\'s physique; his character was that of the \"Common Man\", known for the personality exhibited in his interviews. WWE chairman Vince McMahon remarked that no wrestler \"personified the essence of charisma quite like Dusty Rhodes\".<br><br> Rhodes was a three-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and during his time in Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) (the forerunner of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he was a United States Heavyweight Champion, and multi-time World Television, World Tag Team and World Six-Man Tag Team Champion. He also won many regional championships, and is one of six men inducted into each of the WWE, WCW, Professional Wrestling, and Wrestling Observer Newsletter Halls of Fame. He is the father of current WWE Superstar Dustin and former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes.<Br> Source: <A Href=\"Https://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Main_Page\" Target=\"_blank\" Rel=\"Me Nofollow\"> Https://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Main_Page</A>